This program features the companies in Athens Stock Exchange, presenting fundamental data (profits, equity, dividends), statistical tools and technical analysis indicators.


The Normalization Educational Tool program is an interactive tool for teaching and learning database normalization into BCNF form. The user creates a database scheme, adding attributes and functional dependencies. After that, the program identifies the candidate keys and decomposes each table into smaller, BCNF tables. Thus, the whole normalization process is simplified and errors are limited greatly.

The program was developed as part of my thesis, during my Postgraduate Studies of Applied Informatics, in University of Macedonia. Many thanks to my supervising professor, Georgia Koloniari, for her valuable assistance, during all the stages of the program’s development.


This program introduces the user to the Analytic Hierarcy Process, developed by Thomas Saaty. It depends on decomposing a complicated problem into its referential parts, organized in a hierarchical structure.


This program simulates the elections results process using a random generator for the voting system.

The randomize algorithm is based on the recent elections in Greece and the percentage each party received by county.


The Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (HCIA) is a non profit industrial association which represents Greek companies from all sub-sectors of the clothing industry.


The website for the hellenic shoe sector and its companies.


MAYDAY PRODUCTIONS is a new independent film production company.

It was founded by the producer Dominique Mamfreda in May 2021 and is based in Patras. The external partners and executives of the company have extensive experience in all aspects of film making for tv and cinema, creative photography and social media management, while the company has also participated in the production of documentary in Greece.


G. P. Moschopoulos company offers high quality products for the modernization of companies in the clothing industry with the supply of high technology systems that are reliable, user friendly, functional and most of all productive.


Based on the technical knowledge of its staff, EUROTEX functions as a technical support group, thereby resulting in the correct choice of machine models been made by its team, for the satisfactory running of production in direct cooperation with customers’ needs and profit.

Its success is the result of 35 years experience in dealing with knitting machines.


A magical world with modeling insights, three-dimensional frames and miniatures.